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What is our personal training strategy and how will it help you reach your goals? 




Initial Assessment

  • A thorough in-person or over the phone discussion to map out exactly how we get you to your goals. 
    • Health and injury history.
    • Training and nutrition history.
    • Physical capabilities.
    • Room for you to tell me exactly what’s on your mind. 
  • After discussing everything, we determine exactly how to create a plan that works for your goals and lifestyle. 

Personalized Training Program

  • Find the ideal training locations. Our studio gym? Your home? Your gym? An outside location? A mixture?
  • In-person training frequency is decided. Some need a trainer for every workout and some need a mixture. 
  • Frequency, intensity, volume, and exercise selection to get you to your goals. 
  • Periodized training cycles to efficiently progress without burn out. 
  • Specific programming tailored to you with frequent adjustments to fine-tune your progress. 
    • Includes exercise selections, sets, reps, tempo, rest period and instructions you’ll need to have a clear training session. 
    • Adjustments made based on communicated feedback, travel, health, and unique circumstances. 

Personalized Nutrition Program

  • Coaching is essential here. Sticking a generic template to you will most likely fail. We will work together to make sure your nutrition fits you and your lifestyle. 
  • Meal frequency and plan that fits your schedule and needs. 
  • Specific nutritional targets to fit your goals. 
  • Non-calorie/macro targeted meal plans for those who don’t feel the need or desire to track their numbers. 
  • No “shut up and eat it!” mentality. Nutrition is very personal and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. We do our best to educate you as to why we’re making specific decisions. 

Nutrition Education

  • A key component of a successful nutritional strategy is having the knowledge to back it up. One of the main goals on our nutritional journey is to arm you with the science and methodologies behind nutrition to avoid pitfalls.
  • We’ll chop out blocks of time for lectures on nutrition in relation to health, body composition, and performance.
  • The field of nutrition is deep and complex, this will be an ongoing process where we start basic and move further from there.

Support & Accountability

  • Emotional support. Being a coach isn’t just about designing a program and sending the client to the gym. We’re here to hear exactly what’s on your mind and help you along your training journey. 
    • Feeling off that day? Weights feeling extra heavy today and you’re doubting yourself? A sense of regression in your goals? Slip off the programming for a few days and you feel like your goals are crumbling around you? We want to hear about it. 
  • Frequent updates to make sure your program is maximizing progress.
  • We track your progress for tangible examples of progress. 
  • Frequent check-ins based on current circumstances and required level of intervention
    • There’s a fine line between checking in too often and too little. The goal is to develop a relationship where we get it just right. 

Full-Time Access to Your Trainer

  • Unlimited text and email access for 24-7 accountability and support. 
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything:
    • Don’t understand something in the plan?
    • Need to reschedule last minute?
    • Feeling off that day and need some support?
    • Surprise event that day limiting training time?
    • Travel plans coming up? 
    • Veer off your nutrition plan and need some reassurance?
  • We never want you to feel “alone” or “helpless” at any point in this process. We have your back. 

We Train! 

  • We get together in person at our personal studio gym located in downtown Weaverville and we get after it!
  • Training from your home is a possibility. Depending on your program and goals we may be able to bring everything we need to your home to train you. If this is something you’re interested in ask Connor during your consultation. 


Sign up for a free consultation!

If there’s anything you would like to chat about before signing up to see if I’m the right fit for you, let’s do it! 



Example Personal Training Plans




These are the type of programs you can expect from our online services. Programs are fully customizable, if you’re looking for something that isn’t here we can get that going for you. 

Training Only Coaching


$65 per In-person sessions

  • Free start-up consultation
  • 1 – 4 session per week
  • Individualized goal-based training program
  • Ongoing communication, adjustments, and support.
  • Open communication. Email/text me any time and I’ll get back to you asap. 


Training & Nutrition Coaching


$65 per In-person sessions

  • Free start-up consultation
  • 1 – 4 session per week
  • Individualized goal-based training program
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Nutrition education
  • Ongoing communication, adjustments, and support
  • Open communication. Email/text me any time and I’ll get back to you asap. 


4 One On One Sessions


  • Free start-up consultation
  • 4 One on one goal based sessions.
  • Custom goal-based plan decided upon after consultation. 
  • Your training should be about you so let’s get you exactly what you need. 


Any questions or didn’t find what you need?

If the options above aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, contact me with what you’re thinking and we’ll see if we can customize a plan to fit you. We’ll make it happen, I just want to get you closer to your goals.