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Core Training Principals





Strength training is essential to feeling good in your own body. From my experience, having a strong functional body is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Strength should be a key component of every training program even if it isn’t the main goal.  I specialize in helping people get strong through many different training systems. I love barbells and gymnastics but not everyone wants to squat 800 lbs or do an iron cross. We’ll find what works best for you! I personally do a mix of gymnastics, powerlifting, and bodybuilding and I’m having a ton of fun.





Mobility is how freely a joint can move through its full range of motion. Whether you want to touch your toes, fix up a painful tight back or achieve a big flexibility goal like the splits we can make it happen. Don’t worry, there are more fun ways of getting mobile than sitting in painful long-duration stretches. Mobility is crucial to maintaining a strong healthy body so you bet we’ll be getting mobile!



When it comes to your success in and out of the gym the most important thing is the food we’re putting in our body. Let’s face it, nutrition is complicated.  Not only is there a bunch of science behind the nutrition choices we make but there’s a massive psychological component to it too. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to nutrition and we need to start small or a bodybuilder prepping for a competition. We’ll get you there. The key is doing our best to create a healthy relationship with food and enjoy our lives in the process.






I do my best to use nutrition and training methods that are grounded in and supported by research that demonstrates their success. No shots in the dark here. I love to learn and there are few things I enjoy learning about more than health and exercise science. Expect that if you have specific goals or circumstances with your training that I’ll be as prepared as I can possibly be.

Connor Williams

Personal Trainer


What to expect?

I am set on training individuals the way they were meant to be trained. My philosophy is to fit the training and nutrition to the individual, not the other way around. Everyone is different; different bodies, goals, responsibilities, habits, and perspectives. The key to success in your training journey is finding what works for you, it’s my job to remove the confusion and guide you along your journey. 

I take an evidence-based approach to your training. In the fitness industry, everyone is selling you a silver bullet to your problems. With so many voices telling you their camp is the best camp it’s easy to find yourself putting the cart before the horse when it comes to your health and fitness. You start to worry about things like nutrition timing, machines vs free weights, organic vs non-organic, GMOs, and crazy supplements like they are going to make or break you. When you should be focusing on methodologies that are proven to succeed based on research and overwhelming data. My mission is to clear that fog of doubt, confusion, and overwhelm to steer you down an efficient, goal-based path.

I love physical culture. I apply strategies to your training from a wide variety of physical cultures to meet your goals. We’re not just gymnasts, or the powerlifter, or the runners, etc… We’re people in love with movement. I believe combining different training modalities into your training is key to keeping you inspired and healthy. Who says you can’t be a yogi and a bodybuilder at the same time? 

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